Ernest NybÝrg was born in Vienna and he studied music and literature. While still studying, he developed his first stage plays and after this successful productions he started to work as a writer and director for stage and film. Beside he is guest lecturer for dramatic arts and supervises film productions as a script doctor.

With his political thrillers he expands his writing activity to crime literature. It meets his passion for human chasms and his suspense-packed stories, mixed with real political backgrounds, offer something that you won't come across easily in the genre.

Due to his activities, he lived on different places in Europe and in North America. This cultural impact and the insight into the way of life in other countries made him familiar with different social structures, which also influenced his literary approach and attributes to the intensity of his stories.


Publishing funding (Wien-Kultur | Science dept.)
Working grant (BMfUK)
Silver Award Script Prize (ISFF Innsbruck)
Recognition Award (BKA | art section)
Advancement funding (Wien-Kultur | Theatre dept.)
Governmental culture fundings (Land O÷)


Austrian Writers Association
IG Autorinnen Autoren
Austrian Society for Cultur Politics