cover_essence ESSENCE OF DEATH

Two young scientists are brutally tortured and murdered. They worked on the development of a deadly essence. Persistently entering the frame of investigations is the Swiss tycoon Daniel Geissler, who is indiscriminate in the choice of his means to produce a new biological weapon. Angus Headley of the British Secret Service is entrusted with the case. He takes on the race against time constantly under threat by a hitman who is only known as the ‘Hunter’ and who has never failed a job.

- - -


cover-paris LENA HALBERG

The night of the tragedy of Lady Di. Nearby a joung photograph dies a mysterious death, too. The journalist Lena came across new infos about the case. The traces lead to a corrupt US Senator and lobbyist for the armaments industry.
The breathtaking thriller is the first part of a trilogy about the close ties between politics and the armament industry.

available in German
ISBN 978-3-86841-125-6

cover_new york LENA HALBERG

Lena discovers secret payments from the billionaire Arthur Bronsteen to terrorists. Some of them were involved in the disaster of 9/11. It seems that Bronsteen needs the network of terrorism to test his new weapons. Durig the research Lena founds herself in Moldavia among corrupt war lords and mafia people.

available in German
ISBN 978-3-86841-128-7

cover_london LENA HALBERG

Lena Halberg is in Jerusalem researching for a story about the circumstances behind the bloody attack on the London Underground in 2005. She finds out that the Israelian Secret Service is possibly involved in this case. After a disput with a military officer Lena is brought to a secret high security prison in the middle of the dessert.

available in German
ISBN 978-3-86841-130-0